Since 1871

  • Gaziantep, Turkey

If we are talking about Baklava, Gulluoglu is the first name that comes into mind. Our story begins almost 160 years ago at 1871. Gulluoglu is considered as the biggest School as they trained almost every Baklava cooks in Turkey. This delightful legend stayed at the starting city called Gaziantep until 1949. On that day, Mustafa Gullu decided to go out of the shell and came to Istanbul.


  • Istanbul, Turkey

It was on that day that first Gulluoglu store was open in the city where the continents meet. Although it was unorthodox, he decided to do advertisement in order to get people to know more about baklava. Mustafa Gullu stayed at Istanbul until the year 1960 had to return to Gaziantep due to health issues.

5th Generation - Nejat Güllü

  • Turkey

Son of Mustafa Gullu, Nejat Gullu is the chairman of the Baklavaci Gulluoglu in Kagithane. He started making Baklavas while still going through his studies in Gaziantep next to his uncle Halit Gullu became a master craftsman. In 1969 he became the head of the shop in Istanbul. In 1971 he got into Istanbul Ticari Ilimler Academy and studied business in there. Graduating in 1975 and going to the military service the same age, he continued his work soon after getting out.

The Vision

  • Turkey

He took radical decisions in this era. He carried his shop to Karakoy in 1976, and he started opening up new shops all around Istanbul. He started trading baklava to Greece around this era. He started the construction of the baklava factory in Kagithane in 1996 and soon after, it became the world’s greatest Baklava facility. As his father brought Baklava to Istanbul, Nejat Gulluoglu aims to bring Baklava to the world.

The Craft of Baklava

  • Turkey

The adventure of Gulluoglu Baklavas started with flour, oil, pistachios and the handiwork of a master craftsman. Even the beginning of the process of making Baklavas require extreme skill, and becoming a Baklava maker and learning the process can take up to 6 years.